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Kick-start your career as developer

at Betty Blocks

At Betty Blocks we've got a proven method of training IT starters to become experienced developers. In this Development Traineeship you get the chance to develop yourself as a software engineer with theoretical courses while getting on the job experience by directly working on exciting projects. 

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Who are you?

  • You’ve finished a studies in the field of IT. For example; MBO Software Development, MBO Applicatie- en mediaontwikkelaar, HBO (Technische) Informatica or HBO Business IT & Management;

  • OR you’ve done online development courses and have development work you can show us;

  • You’ve got a growth mindset and are willing to study next to your day-to-day work;

  • You’ve got some experience with HTML, CSS en JavaScript (React.JS).

What can you expect from us?

  • A chance to develop yourself rapidly as a developer;

  • Start working on exciting projects right away as a Betty Blocks no-code developer;

  • A proven traineeship with proficient instructors and a lot of room for personal growth;

  • Directly earn a salary of 2500 euros a month or higher (based on your experience).

Our instructors and the traineeship programme

Bryan Oemar

Consultancy Director

Yvette Obbink

Performance Advisor

Bob Hansen

Senior Development Consultant

Your first day

You arrive at 09.30 in the morning at our beautiful office in Alkmaar. HR will make sure you get acquainted with companywide processes, systems and policies. You’ll receive a MacBook and will be accompanied towards your department. You grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and get to know your colleagues. We'll make sure to schedule you some important meetings for a flying start. First off: you get to know Yvette Obbink, one of our instructors and also responsible for your personal development at Betty Blocks.

de HUB Alkmaar

Your first week

Your first week at Betty Blocks is dedicated to getting to know the platform. You start-off with the online learning track ‘Betty Blocks essentials’. Because of course the Betty Blocks platform will be your primary toolkit as of now. Yvette will make sure to give you building exercises that are in line with the theory from the course.

In the end of the week, you finish with the Betty Blocks essentials exam. This exam is purely theoretical and shows that you have a basic understanding of the development concepts of the Betty Blocks platform.

Week two to four

After getting Betty Blocks essential certified you start with the online learning track ‘Betty Blocks advanced’. Again, you will receive two use cases that are in line with the theory you learn from the course. Depending on your level of JavaScript / React.JS you will also follow some courses towards this coding language / framework.

When you and Yvette think you are ready for the exam you get Betty Blocks Advanced certified. This is a practical exam and will take about eight hours.

From week five on

Exciting times because you will be placed in one of our project teams. From this moment on you start building applications for one of our clients with the Betty Blocks platform. It’s important to get real-life building experience with the platform.

But, you will not stop learning! A team always consists out of mix of junior, mid-level and senior developers. One of the senior developers will make sure he/she gives you adequate feedback on your development work. Also, after a few weeks of working Yvette comes into play again: you will have a conversation about your further development within Betty Blocks.

Every 3 to 4 months

In a cycle of 3 to 4 months you will create a personal development plan. This starts-off with an intake with Yvette where you define the goal(s) of the plan. When you have perfected this plan it’s time to kick-off with a presentation to Yvette, Bryan and/or Bob. Sometimes colleagues from your team can be included as well.

You'll get around 4 hours per week to work on your personal development plan, but we expect you to also work on this throughout the rest of your week. Together with Yvette, you'll regularly reflect on your plan and you can always ask for help. If you're stuck on development related issues Bryan and Bob are always there to support you.

After you’ve finished your plan, it’s time again to present your learnings and evaluate on the whole process.

Performance review moments

Four times a year you sit down with Ramon, our Services Delivery Manager to discuss your performance. We use a Performance Review Model for these conversations. These conversations will give you insight in wether you're a junior, medior or senior developer and also helps you to set goals for gaining the next level.

Career growth paths

FrontEnd Developer

You have a knack for FrontEnd development and love JavaScrip / React.JS. You can grow into a FrontEnd development role at our Product department.


You know the ins-and-outs of our platform and want to advice our clients on how to develop with Betty Blocks themselves. This is the job for you!

Support Engineer

Daily self-builders get in contact with Betty Blocks about bugs and building problems. Your job is to help them or pass-on the issue to the right department.

Grow within Services

There are plenty of growth possibilities within services as well. Roles such as Lead Developer or Product Owner are much taken growth paths.

Meet Johannes:

Johannes started our traineeship with some coding skills. He rapidly developed himself into a FrontEnd developer at our product department.

The Recruitment process

You apply

Show your interest in this traineeship via the button below.


We will get in contact with you by phone to dicuss the traineeship and see if you are a fit.

First interview

You will have an interview at our office with one of our intructors and a Recruiter.

Technical assignment

From home you will make a Technical Assignment to test your Development skills.

Second interview

In this interview we will discuss the outcome of the technical assingment.


If you are a match one of our Recruiters will be in contact with you to dicuss the terms of the traineeship.