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Sales traineeship:

Kick-start your sales career at Betty Blocks

At Betty Blocks we've got a proven method of training business oriented alumni to become experienced Sales Employees. In this Sales Traineeship you get the chance to develop yourself as Sales Professional by theoratical courses and with practical on the job experience.

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Who are you?

  • You’ve obtained a Bachelors or Masters degree in the field of Business: Sales, Marketing or Strategy.

  • You know that Sales is the field that you want to grow in, it's a passion and you love the thrill of the job;

  • You’ve got a growth mindset and are willing to study next to your day-to-day work;

  • You’ve got some sales experience from prior (part-time) jobs or internships.

What can you expect from us?

  • A chance to develop yourself rapidly as a sales professional.

  • Start getting practical sales experience right away;

  • A proven traineeship with proficient instructors and a lot of room for personal growth;

  • An internationally oriented company and the chance to work with Enterprise prospects;

  • Directly earn a salary of 2700 euros a month or higher (based on your experience) + a very attractive commissiom scheme (12k per year if you hit target).

Our instructors and the traineeship programme

Yoeri Buis

SDR Manager

Ramses Schenk

Sales trainer

Account Executive

Your buddy AE

Sales Development

Your buddy SDR

This Traineeship is based on the 30-60-90 method. In three blocks of 30 days you reach certain goals and milestones. Note: the duration of the 30-60-90 days is not set in stone. Do you have some more experience? You will probably walk through it a bit faster. It's a good guideline to set you up for succes at Betty Blocks. Below you can find an outline of what the traineeship looks like.

Goals after 30 days

  • You can pitch Betty Blocks (especially during a cold call);

  • You can explain our value proposition concisely;

  • You know all about our customer types and their needs.

de HUB Alkmaar

Goals after 60 days

  • You know how to address questions or use specific information that is relevant to your vertical;

  • You know how to answer objections from your prospect;

  • You can demo (walkthrough) our platform more in-depth.

Goals after 90 days

  • You can generate opportunities and meetings;

  • You are ready to hit targets;

  • You are quota-carrying.


  • Milestone 1 - Writing (30 days)

  • Milestone 2 - Pitching (30 days)

  • Milestone 3 - Discovery call (60 days)

  • Milestone 4 - Explain the platform (60 days)

  • Milestone 5 - Meeting (90 days)

Our instructors

During these 90 days at Betty Blocks you have extensive contact with your manager Yoeri Buis. He will make sure you land properly in the organisation and you learn about our processes. Also he will look at your writing skills and will assess phone calls you are having.

Furthermore you meet with Ramses every Friday. His sole responsibility is to get your sales skills to a higher level. He will review phone calls as well and will give occasional sales trainings. 

Apart from that you will pair up with a peer SDR who can show you around the organization and will share his or her knowledge with you. You will also directly team up with an AE (a senior sales person) who you also will work with after the training program.

Personal growth after the training program

You will never stop learning at Betty Blocks. Every quarter you sit down with Yoeri for a Personal Growth Plan. You choose yourself what topics you want to improve on. These conversations will give you insight in wether you're a junior, medior or senior SDR and also helps you to set goals for gaining the next level.

Apart from these conversations you will have your weekly deal check-in. Here you will discuss what challenges you are facing and decide on actions to take the prospect to the next phase in the sales process.

Career growth paths

Account Executive

The most common career path for a SDR is to become an Account Executive. As an SDR you have closely collaborated with an AE already. Also you have become acquainted with some of the responsibilities of an AE. As an AE you are responsible for the growth of Betty Blocks. You have a clear proposition of our platform and know what problems it can solve for our prospects. Eventually you are going to negotiate on contracts and close the deal.

Customer Success Manager

Another path that if often chosen is towards the Customer Success department. Still a sales minded job but your focus would be on enabling our customers with our product. As Customer Success Manager you have frequent contact with (potential) new and existing customers to determine how they can become (more) successful in using the No-code development platform, Betty Blocks, within their organization. You are also involved in almost all steps in the Customer Journey.

Other paths

Since Betty Blocks is a rapidly growing company there are different kind of paths that you can take. We have a Revenue Enablement department which you could work at, you could grow into a Manager role or you could take a completely different kind of step towards a Scrum Master position. Possibilities are plenty!

Meet Jordi & Yoeri:

Both Jordi and Yoeri started working for Betty Blocks through the sales traineeship. They quickly developed themselves as sales professionals and have taken a step up in the organizatoin.

The Recruitment process

You apply

Show your interest in this traineeship via the button below.


We will get in contact with you by phone to dicuss the traineeship and see if you are a fit.

First interview

You will have an interview at our office with one of our intructors and a Recruiter.

Roleplay Assignment

At home you will prepare a roleplay and finish a personality questionnaire and capacity test.

Second interview

In this interview you will do a sales roleplay with one of our instructors. Also we discuss the outcome of the assessments.


If you are a match one of our Recruiters will be in contact with you to dicuss the terms of the traineeship.