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Betty Blocks Services

At Betty Blocks Services we work with the Betty Blocks No-code platform to create solutions for our clients or to help them get started building themselves. The Services department consists of a support team, a consultancy team and several development teams. 

The Support team is in daily contact with our self-building clients. They make sure any technical issues are solved according to the SLA. They are our frontline and keep an eye on recurring issues and pick up on feature requests from clients. 

The Consultancy team guides the customers in building their business applications and thinks along about the development processes. They make sure the clients adopt the platform by training their developers and building along with them (co-creation). 

The development teams work for and with the clients. They create cool and useful applications with our platform. Some of the teams work on location of the clients for working efficiency. Although building mostly gets done in Betty Blocks, we do make use of frontend technologies such as React.

Meet Manouk: from no-code developer to Product Owner

Manouk started working for Betty Blocks as a no-code Developer. After finishing her time at our internal academy she directly started building solutions for customers. Due to the power of the platform this went many times faster than she was used to. After working for a years in this position she made to step toward the Product Owner position. Her understanding of the platform helps her to translate the need of our customers to awesome and usefull applications.

The AZ experience

We are excited about all no-code projects, but this one is a bit special. In 2018 our Services Development team created a new website and ticketing system for AZ. Since top Dutch division team AZ is from the same city as we are, it needs no further explanation that we are rooting for their goals, both on the field and in the digital world.

A bit of Betty Blocks history: Our founders Chris and Tim have been loyal AZ supporters for more than 16 years! So, you can imagine this project being a big personal milestone and probably one of their favorite moments in the history of their entrepreneurial venture together.

With the new website, AZ caters to the fans as best as possible. The usability has been optimized with a simplified and clear navigational structure. Next to the website, the ticketing platform got a big update. The integration between the ticketing platform and the website have been made seamlessly.

Partnership with Atlanta United FC

Atlanta United FC and the Mercedes-Benz Stadium are best known for their local soccer heroes. But, behind the scenes is another team dedicated to enriching the lives of Atlanta’s youth one tour at a time. Headed by Tour Education Program Manager Dawn Brown, the stadium’s STEAM tours are playing a major role in the education of thousands of students and are a major business draw for the stadium.

Real-world dilemma Dawn needed a solution that would capture the attention of individual students while preserving the quality, content, and focus of their curriculum. She set about hatching a plan for a new, ‘future-first’ solution to re-imagine STEAM as an interactive experience. One which reached out to youngsters on familiar grounds: their own mobile phones. Already familiar with us, as an existing partner of Atlanta United FC and the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Dawn turned to us to set her plan in motion.

 Our product specialist Jasper Afman got started right away with an outline for STEAM’s new mobile app. Eager to put the new application to use, Dawn set a goal to deliver the final product in 4 months (little did she know, Jasper would finish in 3).

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