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Product Development

Since Betty Blocks is a product company our product development department is rather big. Currently it consists of eight development teams, a customer onboarding team and a separate DevOps / Cloud Engineering team. All of these teams are located in our headquarters in Alkmaar. Our teams are culturally diverse and we speak English on the workfloor.  Frontend technologies we use are mostly React and TypeScript. Our main backend language is Elixir, though we do have some NodeJS services as well. Additionally we use Redis, MariaDB & RabbitMQ in our backend. The platform itself runs on Azure using Docker & Kubernetes.

Meet Paul: the Platform Godfather of Betty Blocks

Paul Engel is a senior software developer at Betty Blocks, but we like to call him the Platform-Godfather. In 2004, Paul started his software development internship at Holder, a company that provided businesses with custom-built, stand-alone applications.

At the time, Paul was creating different Windows apps and realized that all the applications resembled each other. By the end of 2005, he wrote his thesis based on creating a Delphi IDE plug-in that lets you generate (and update) Holder framework-based ERP applications. In other words, he created one application that lets you build more applications from it. Paul's concept led to the foundation of our no-code platform and in 2011, Betty Blocks was created.

Meet Yordi: our learning & development coach for the product department

Yordi is a full-stack developer turned learning and development coach. He is dedicated to helping others improve their skills, both at Betty Blocks and as a volunteer programming trainer at CoderDojo. Yordi's role is to guide developers to the next level, creating personalized learning plans and providing code reviews. He also teaches Informatics once a week. Yordi's passion for teaching and helping others grow makes him an invaluable asset to the development team.

Innovation Day at Betty Blocks

Scrum Master Daniel Keizer organized a successful first Innovation Day to provide a creative, fun and innovative day for development teams. 13 ideas were presented, including tools to make developers' lives easier. The day ended with presentations, social gathering, and good food. Daniel and fellow Scrum Masters plan to have an Innovation Day every quarter, with the ultimate goal of an innovation week for all offices of Betty Blocks.

Meet our team!

At Betty Blocks, you'll find a team of highly skilled professionals who are passionate about technology and committed to providing exceptional service. From software developers to sales executives, each employee plays a vital role in the success of the company.

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