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Product Development

Since Betty Blocks is a product company our product development department is rather big. Currently it consists of eight development teams, a customer onboarding team and a separate DevOps / Cloud Engineering team. All of these teams are located in our headquarters in Alkmaar. Our teams are culturally diverse and we speak English on the workfloor.  At Betty Blocks we believe in a flat hierarchy and open communication and the teams report directly to the VP of Engineering. 

Frontend technologies we use are mostly React and TypeScript. Our main backend language is Elixir, though we do have some NodeJS services as well. Additionally we use Redis, MariaDB & RabbitMQ in our backend. The platform itself runs on Azure using Docker & Kubernetes.

Meet Paul: the Platform Godfather of Betty Blocks

Ever wondered where the ingenuity behind our no-code platform came from? It all started with one developer. Paul Engel is a senior software developer at Betty Blocks, but we like to call him the Platform-Godfather.

In 2004, Paul started his software development internship at Holder, a company that provided businesses with custom-built, stand-alone applications.

At the time, Paul was creating different Windows apps and realized that all the applications resembled each other. By the end of 2005, he wrote his thesis based on creating a Delphi IDE plug-in that lets you generate (and update) Holder framework-based ERP applications. In other words, he created one application that lets you build more applications from it. Paul's concept led to the foundation of our no-code platform and in 2011, Betty Blocks was created.

Meet Yordi: our learning & development coach for the product department

From fullstack developer to learning & development coach, Yordi has done it. While still developing himself, Yordi was always involved in others' personal development. Giving feedback on junior developers their code and helping them in their development.

Apart from working at Betty Blocks, Yordi is an Athletics trainer at Hylas in Alkmaar and he volunteers as a trainer at CoderDojo. Here he teaches young people, between 7 and 17 years, the basics of programming. Whilst playing and in a safe environment. As you can see teaching is in Yordi’s blood, a step towards a coaching role was inevitable. 

Nowadays Yordi's sole responsibility is getting developers to the next level. Oftentimes developers want to get acquainted with a new coding language such as Elixir or ReactJS. Together with Yordi they create a plan: this can exist out of a combination of online courses and building a project themselves. Yordi will make sure they keep on track and he reviews their code. 

Being responsible for the skill level of a whole development department would be enough for most, but not for Yordi. He also spends a day in the week in front of a class teaching Informatics. 

Innovation Day at Betty Blocks

This summer our Scrum Master, Daniel Keizer, organized our very first Innovation Day.

Daniel wanted to break loose of the issues of the day by having a creative, innovative but mostly fun day with the development teams. The teams are creating value for our customers and partners everyday but have ideas of their own as well. This day they could work on those ideas to make their work easier and more enjoyable. 

A total of 13 ideas came forth varying from making developers lifes easier to providing tools to help our support colleagues. Our Product Owners even made an awesome app in a day, demonstrating the power of Betty Blocks! Of course the whole day was accompanied by good food and the day ended with presentations and a social gathering.

As a Scrum Master Daniel likes organizing Hackathons / Innovation Days and this was one of many to come. Together with his fellow Scrum Masters they aim to have an Innovation Day at the end of every quarter. The ultimate goal is to have an innovation week with the entirety of Betty Blocks, Atlanta & London offices included.

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