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Norms & Values

At Betty Blocks, our culture is highly valued. To gain a deeper understanding of our culture, as well as the norms and values that form the foundation of it, we conducted eight sessions with our employees and a separate session with the management team.

These sessions have shown us that our employees particularily place great value on collaboration, personal growth, and respect. To capture the unique spirit of Betty Blocks, we have rephrased these values in a way that is representative of our company culture. All the results from these sessions were utilized as the basis for our norms and values outlined below.

1. Respect and kindness (Every Betty is valued)

  • We listen well and seek for understanding

  • We are mentally present, participate actively, and give people our undivided attention

  • We debate openly and respectfully

  • We empathize and value one another 

  • We use humor to bond and to cheer each other up

2. Creativity and innovation (Think outside of the Betty Box) 

  • We create an environment to try, experiment, fail, and learn

  • We think outside of the box and beyond the first possible solution

  • We are open to different points of view to solve problems and tasks

  • We are flexible and thrive in a constantly evolving environment

  • We see everything as an opportunity for learning and growing

3. Diversity and inclusion (No Betty left out)

  • We work well with people with different backgrounds, identities, values, and cultures

  • We seek alternative perspectives to improve our ideas

  • We are aware that we are an English-first company and behave as such 

  • We make sure nobody feels excluded or bypassed 

4. Balance and joy (Happiness!)

  • We support each other in finding and maintaining a healthy work-life balance 

  • We are encouraged and comfortable in being ourselves 

  • We make time for community and relationship building 

  • We take care of each other’s mental and physical wellbeing

  • We know when it's appropriate to relax, joke, and party 

5. Improvement and responsibility (Reach for the stars)

  • We constantly strive to improve ourselves, our team, and our company

  • We take full ownership and responsibility over our own work, tasks, and projects

  • We provide one another with constructive, ongoing, and timely feedback

  • We are result driven, persistent and always focused on our goals 

  • We see opportunities over limitations and wins over setbacks

6. Transparency and openness (What you see is what you get) 

  • We proactively and honestly communicate updates and information

  • We openly communicate expectations and findings with the best intentions

  • We are 'West-Fries,' honest and direct - but always kind

  • We openly share our opinions, emotions, ideas, and insights

7. Teamwork and passion (Better together) 

  • We believe in the Betty Blocks vision and organization

  • We demonstrate passion in our work and go the extra mile 

  • We believe the best results come from working collaboratively 

  • We value and make use of each other’s expertise and knowledge

  • We work together to achieve the best results